CPAH Advisory Council

The advisory council plays an important public relations role, as well as providing CPAH's board and staff with a fresh perspective on various issues and projects. When CPAH formed its advisory council, it was in recognition of the fact that we need the skills and commitment of many people in the community and all their contacts in order to carry out our mission.

We also realize that many people who could offer CPAH support do not have the time to participate on the board, have already served in that capacity, or are investigating whether they wish to make that commitment. By creating this advisory council, we hoped to access the power, expertise, and energy of those people without asking for the type of commitment required for a board member.

CPAH would like to recognize the following individuals who will be assisting us in carrying out our mission:

Mark Barry MAI

Patricia Biggs

Vince Chiotti

Thomas Murphy

Margaret Nelson

Bob Oleson

Mary Owen

Angel Prater

Rebecca Smith

Max Williams

Mark D. Barry and Associates

Community Advocate

Former Regional Field Representative,
Oregon Housing & Community Services;
Community Volunteer

Scott-Hookland LLP

Former CPAH Board President; Community Advocate

Government Relations

CPAH Founding Member & Community Advocate

Former CPAH resident and board member;
Coordinator, David Romprey Warmline

Housing Advocate

Oregon Community Foundation